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Subway is trying to do everything possible promotion wise to keep relevant in the fast food sandwich wars! Their latest promotion was to get a Subway sandwich tattooed large enough to receive free Subways for life.

This tattoo is 12×12 in covering the gentleman’s entire back. I ponder the question whether he will order a 12-inch tuna fish as his first sub.

In my radio career, I did a morning show at Z-Rock. It was the same promotion- what would you do for a $1,000? I had a lister tattoo the station’s logo, which was black and yellow, anywhere on his body. It wasn’t as big as the Subway tattoo- it was more 6×4 inch.

My favorite Subway sandwich is the BMT. As for any tattoos that I have, that’s a story for another day. Wink, wink!

A Colorado man got a 12-by-12-inch back tattoo of the new Subway Series logo, earning him free sandwiches for life

A Colorado man has won free Subway sandwiches for life, though not how you might have expected. At an event Subway hosted Wednesday, James Kunz got a 12-by-12 back tattoo of the Subway Series logo to earn the lifetime supply of subs.

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