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Do you wonder where all the salt comes from that is used on the roads in Michigan?

Many are unaware that for years, it’s been right under our noses! Here’s an article from with a great history, and it answers questions on Detroit’s great salt mines.

“About 400 million years ago, there was an area of land that is now called the Michigan Basin,” the article states. “This area was separated from the ocean but kept sinking lower and lower into the Earth. Because it continued to sink, the salt water from the ocean poured in as the ocean receded. Once the ocean water evaporated, it left behind huge salt deposits.” Read it below!

Abandoned Salt Mine 1200 Feet Under Detroit Is The Size Of An Entire City

It's no secret that Detroit has been hit very hard by the recession. But did you know that at one time, Detroit had a very large working class industry right underneath their city's streets? Detroit had a very large salt mine that was basically an underground industry underneath their city.

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