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With the dog days of summer, it’s good to know a friend who’s a HVAC man. Temperatures in the ’90s for consecutive days puts stress on your AC unit.

Here are a few tips I got over the years from my friend Mark Causley, who is my go-to guy for my furnace and air conditioner!

1. Will changing my furnace filter make my AC unit work better?
Yes definitely change your filter it will make your AC stronger.

2. Make sure your AC vents around the house are not blocked by chairs, tables, etc. You’re not saving any money with blocked vents.

3. Can I spray water on the vent coils on my AC unit?
First things first= make sure the power is turned off before any cleaning of your AC unit. Coils get gunked up with long grass clippings, cottonwood, dust, etc.

4. I have seen people put umbrellas over there HVAC unit to keep it cool is that a good idea?
No. It’s a silly urban legend that really does nothing to help cool your home. Your AC unit has a fan that has to blow to keep cool. Putting an umbrella over it doesn’t help.

5. Do HVAC workers prefer PBR’s?
From my own personal experience, it doesn’t hurt, but different HVAC workers have different preferences and tastes. That’s all I can say.

Of course, always seek the advice of a professional HVAC person! My thanks to Mark Causley, who has always been a great friend, and I consider him to be the Air Conditioning Whisperer.

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