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If you step outside in lower Michigan at the moment, it might seem pretty mild out, but that won’t last for long. According to the National Weather Service, a major storm that’s going eastward around the United States-Canada border is on target to bring some severe weather to Michigan Wednesday night (July 20) into Thursday, and it will continue to head east.

The severe thunderstorms could even bring tornados through parts of Michigan and Ontario, Canada, as well as damaging winds, hail and lightning. “The storm is unusually strong for summer standards and has an associated sharp dip in the jet stream that is often associated with severe weather,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson said in an article about the upcoming storm.

According to AccuWeather, the storm has already generated high wind gusts in the North Dakota areas of Belcourt (75 mph), Manvel (71 mph) and Perth (70 mph). AccuWeather adds that, “As the storm system intersects with a surge of heat and high humidity coming up from the Southern states, the result will be an eruption of strong to severe thunderstorms Wednesday afternoon and evening,” according to Anderson.

“Major cities such as Detroit, Cleveland and London, Ontario, are forecast to be within the zone that could experience severe thunderstorms capable of spinning up a tornado,” AccuWeather adds. I’m not a happy camper when it comes to severe storms so really hope this one passes. If tornados do pop up in your area, here are some tips on what to do from the Michigan government. Find the full story from AccuWeather regarding the storm here.

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