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I Prevail

Recently, I Prevail singers Brian Burkheiser and Eric Vanlerberghe were nice enough to swing by the WRIF studio to talk about their new album and lots more. In this first clip, the guys talk about an Australian tradition called a “shoey” and how Eric kinda got it wrong…LOL

This next clip they talk about playing festivals, and the new album. They tell me about the making of it, the title, how the pandemic lent them time to hone it in.

We wrapped things up by talking about playing a hometown show or shows, and Eric had to drop Magic the Gathering to win a bet with his buddy. (He told me that after the interview..HA)

The guys are playing two big shows for our Thanksgiving Throwdown. Get the info here.


12 Metro Detroit Dive Bars To Check Out

July 7th is National Dive Bar day and not that we need a reason to hit our favorite dive, but this is as good a reason as any! Metro Detroit has a lot of hidden gems where you can pull up an uneven barstool, grab a cold drink and play your favorite tunes on the jukebox. The bathrooms aren’t always the best, but as long as the drinks are coming, what difference does that make? Here’s a list of some of my favorite bars (in no particular order) in honor of National Dive Bar day!