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Here are my 2 cents on the upcoming rumored Pantera reunion: Some things should be left finished.

I have nothing against Phil Anselmo. He’s always been solid to me. I’ve only met Rex a couple times, and it was a billion years ago. I met Dimebag a few times, the last in early 2004, several months before his death. Vinnie Paul, I considered a friend. He and I use to text about hockey and whatnot, but he never really mentioned anything about Pantera to me in our personal conversations. It was like it was done to him. Besides, I’m almost 100% positive that he wouldn’t have done it without his brother. I recall Dime telling me that the last time he had seen or spoken to Phil was in 2001. They got off the “bird,” as Dime would say, and went their separate ways, never to speak agian…as far as I know.

With half the band gone and Dime being such a huge piece of it, I’m not sure I’d like to see a so-called reunion. Look, I get that there are bands out there touring with an original member or two, sometimes none, but this is PANTERA we’re talking about. In the 32 years I’ve been on the radio, there’s not many fan bases that are more rabid than the one for the “Cowboys From Hell.”

The last time Phil came through Detroit, he did a whole set of Pantera music. I heard it was really good. I’m kicking myself for missing it.

I don’t know…maybe they can get some big guns to play guitar and drums and call it a tribute to Pantera. I think that would be more appropriate…just my 2 cents.


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