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A new song from David Lee Roth is here, “Pointing at the Moon!”

Here’s my take. It could be another new/old song from David Lee Roth! The listener gets a bonus, as the song includes personal artwork done by David Lee Roth himself, this time in 3D.

The song is a little melancholy and reflective, accompanied by acoustic guitar and some nice piano work. David’s vocals are nice and laid-back, so it doesn’t sound like he’s straining at all. For me, it’s reminiscent of earlier DLR songs, including his song “Sensible Shoes,” which comes to mind.

No details as to who the players are! But, could this single be another cut from the unreleased album that Roth wrote and recorded with guitarist John 5 in 2014? Check out Meltdown’s Talkin’ Rock podcast for his interview with John 5 for more insight on that recording session!

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