(Photo by Bill Ingalls/NASA viaGetty Images)

The International Dark-Sky Association has named Keweenaw Dark Sky Park the newest park that’s part of the International Dark Sky Places Program.

The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge will serve as the headquarters for the dark sky park. The park will become the third IDA-certified Dark Sky Park in the State of Michigan, along with the Headlands International Dark Sky Park and the Dr. T.K. Lawless International Dark Sky Park; and is the first International Dark Sky Park in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

“Keweenaw Dark Sky Park offers a unique experience to stargazing in the Midwestern United States,” Ashley Wilson, IDA’s Director of Conservation, said in a statement. “The historic wilderness lodge allows visitors to view the magnificence of the night sky in a window of the pristine boreal landscape while also having the opportunity to further engage with the nocturnal environment with astrophotography and lighting management workshops.”

The Keweenaw Dark Sky Park is now one of more than 195 areas that have been deemed dark sky parks. For more information, head to www.darksky.org/conservation/idsp.

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