The Killers had a brief scary moment during their show in Manchester, England over the weekend when a crowd surfer was dropped. Oh, and said crowd surfer was a 60-something man.

In the fan-shot video below, frontman Brandon Flowers addresses the crowd following the halting of the performance saying, “Who dropped him? C’mon! Is he okay? It’s okay…oh, his head is bleeding a little bit. Let’s just take care of him!”

After security was able to get the man out of the crowd, Flowers then made his way off the massive stage set up to check on the fan and give him a big hug.

Once Flowers made his way back on stage, he said to the crowd, “Billy was trying to crowd surf. He’s looks like he’s about 68 or 69 years old. [Crowd starts chanting ‘Billy! Billy! Billy!’] I said, ‘Billy, what are you doing?’ You know what he said? He said, ‘I’m enjoying meself!'” (U.K.’s RadioX would confirm that Billy was actually 67.)

Forget about Andy; Billy, you’re a star!

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