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Jared Goff is back with the Detroit Lions for the upcoming season, and fans want to see him deliver. Goff was brought on as part of the Lions’ Matthew Stafford trade with the L.A. Rams last offseason, but he didn’t quite make the moves Detroit Lions fans wanted to see. Goff finished the season with 19 passing touchdowns and 3,245 yards.

Vito Chirco over at Sports Illustrated has some predictions for Goff’s upcoming season. Thankfully, they’re good ones.

“I believe that he’s due for at least a semi-bounceback campaign, due in part to the additions of DJ Chark and Jameson Williams to the receivers room this offseason,” Chirco says in a new article. I think that’s a great point. A quarterback can be great, but what can he really do without the proper support?

“So, I’m willing to predict that Goff throws for 24 touchdowns, 13 interceptions and 3,806 yards during the upcoming season,” he adds. Hey, I’ll take it!

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