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Photo By Erik Aratari

On the latest Talkin’ Rock podcast episode, Chris Motionless talked about the band’s new album, Scoring The End Of The World. There are a few collaborations on the album, including Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris, but there is an artist who Chris approached and couldn’t do it.

“Interestingly enough, for the song ‘Meltdown,’ I reached out to David from Disturbed,” he explains. “Because I felt like, although the song is not, umm, ya know, it doesn’t sound very much like a Disturbed song, there’s something that I thought his voice would really take the song to a level that would be insanity. And I feel like the song has elements of that early Disturbed, kind of industrial, electronic stuff.”

He said that after reaching out, he was taken aback by a personal email that David sent him, explaining that he couldn’t do the track at this time, because they were working on their new music and didn’t want to be pulled away from that.

Listen to the entire interview below…

Talkin’ Rock with Chris Motionless of Motionless In White