We’ve seen restaurants where the servers “pretend” to insult the customers, but Karen’s Diner in Sheffield, England has turned it up a notch.

Their servers are vicious and profane, and they WANT you to go “full Karen” on them too.

Staff hurl insults at customers at 'Karen's Diner' in Sheffield, England (contains strong language)

A retro restaurant serves burgers and milkshakes - while staff hurl insults at customers. Footage shows 'rude' staff berating customers at a Karen's Diner franchise in Sheffield, English. The staff, however, were only cosplaying as an obnoxious 'Karen' and were trained to give just the right amount of abuse to diners.


Andy Green Ranks His Favorite TOOL Albums

  • Fear Inoculum

    I didn’t like this one at first but I kept listening then I did.



  • 10000 Days

    My 3rd favorite album and proved that they literally always make good records.



  • Aenima

    My second favorite album. Always heavy and rockin when ya need it.


  • Lateralus

    My favorite album of theirs. Like all their albums listening to it can provide different experiences each time.