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In a tragic accident in Spain a man was attempting a stunt that went wrong and ended in his death.

TMZ has shared a video recorded of the stunt gone wrong.  One source claims it was a family who had rented a boat for the day to tour the rocks on one of the Malgrats Isles by Santa Ponsa.

The father of the family climbed up the cliffs and takes a leap from the 100-foot cliff and miscalculated his jump. The video has been edited but is still graphic.

Man Jumps to His Death in Spanish Cliff Dive Gone Wrong, Family Watches

Play video content CEN A tragic end to what was supposed to be an exciting stunt -- after a father miscalculated his cliff jump -- leading to his death as his family watched in horror. The video is tough to watch, you see the man take a leap from the 100-foot cliff in Spain.