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Still working on your beach body for summer?  Here’s a quicker option:  A guy in England said screw it . . . and had a full set of abs TATTOOED onto his fleshy belly.

The tattoo artist shared photos, and it’s actually pretty convincing from a distance.  There’s lots of shading and contouring, so they’re like Schwarzenegger abs when he was in his prime.  The skin tone is way off though.


How to get a 6 pack in 2 days! you tattoo it!my bro was tired of spending hours in the gym, so I gave him a 6 pack tattoo, ready for summer. enjoy#6packtattoo #cosmetictattoos#tattoos#viral#fyp#6pack#6packabs

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People thought they faked it and just painted the abs on.  But the tattoo artist says it’s real, and posted a follow-up video of the whole tattooing process.


Reply to @user245456790 this 6 pack tattoo is in fact real. added a video while I'm tattooing him. don't hate bro#6packtattoo#tattoo#tattooart#3dtattoo#anythingforalaugh#whoneedsgym

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'Karen Metal' is Exactly What You Think It Is (And It Kinda Slaps)

  • Karen Metal 1

    This Karen is very concerned about democracy.

  • Karen Metal 2

    This Karen absolutely freaks out and wants to “have a swim in peace.”

  • Karen Metal 3

    This Karen loses her damn mind in a Victoria’s Secret store.

  • Karen Metal 4

    The fourth installment of Karen Metal is a super cut of two breakdowns: One Karen is the “CEO of Hangry” after not eating during a ten-hour shift at work, while the other Karen, who appears to be an instructor of sorts, has a very strict “No Pomegranates” rule. This is a strange one, indeed.

  • Karen Metal 5

    Like “Karen Metal 4,” “Karen Metal 5” is a supercut of two different Karens: The first Karen is very angry about no one giving up their seat for her on public transit, while the second Karen is furious at people for filming her freak out of which there is no context. Regardless, yikes!