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Gerald Ledford is an autopsy technician in Little Rock, Arkansas, and he answers questions about his job on TikTok.  Somebody wanted to know if they’ll get to keep all of their piercings when they die.

The answer is yes, unless it’s a tongue ring. He always removes the ENTIRE tongue to check for drugs and make sure the person didn’t bite down on their tongue.


Reply to @teenie1228 you get to keep all your piercings except the tongue 👅 I take your tongue out #piercing #piercings #bodyjewelry #autopsy #autopsytech

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He says you CAN be cremated with your dentures.

And remember your mom saying if you swallow your gum it’ll stay in your stomach forever?  (According Gerald, that’s not true.)

'Karen Metal' is Exactly What You Think It Is (And It Kinda Slaps)

  • Karen Metal 1

    This Karen is very concerned about democracy.

  • Karen Metal 2

    This Karen absolutely freaks out and wants to “have a swim in peace.”

  • Karen Metal 3

    This Karen loses her damn mind in a Victoria’s Secret store.

  • Karen Metal 4

    The fourth installment of Karen Metal is a super cut of two breakdowns: One Karen is the “CEO of Hangry” after not eating during a ten-hour shift at work, while the other Karen, who appears to be an instructor of sorts, has a very strict “No Pomegranates” rule. This is a strange one, indeed.

  • Karen Metal 5

    Like “Karen Metal 4,” “Karen Metal 5” is a supercut of two different Karens: The first Karen is very angry about no one giving up their seat for her on public transit, while the second Karen is furious at people for filming her freak out of which there is no context. Regardless, yikes!