Tragedy struck a heavy metal show in a San Bernardino, Calif. club that resulted in one death and four people injured as a result of a shooting.

Per Los Angeles affiliates CBS 2 and NBC 4 and Blabbermouth, the shooting happened around 9:50 PM on Saturday, April 23 at the Marquis Lounge during a set by local death metal band Crawling Through Tartarus. James Vincent Dickson, 32, was found dead by police once they responded to the shooting.

CBS 2 added, “The three others who were wounded at the bar were taken to the hospital. A fourth person who was wounded arrived on the hospital later. Police say all four victims were listed in stable condition on Monday (April 25.)”

Blabbermouth reports Crawling Through Tartarus singer Matt Holzboog “was allegedly ‘hit by two rounds’ and subsequently underwent surgery.”

The shooting is still being investigated. Currently, the shooter is still at large.

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