Dave & Chuck: Junk Food Roundup

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Here are a few new unhealthy breakfast options about to become available! Someone is combining pizza and cinnamon rolls and IHOP is doing something unique with cheeseburgers and eggs!

Let’s start with the bizarre pairing of pizza and cinnamon rolls!  The tastemakers over at DiGiorno are rolling out three breakfast pizzas with a croissant crust, including a Cinnamon Roll version.

The other two flavors are Eggs Benedict Inspired and Sausage & Gravy Croissant Crust Pizza.



IHOP just added a new Cheeseburger Omelet that’s topped with ketchup and mustard.

It also contains Black Angus beef, American cheese, Jack & Cheddar cheeses, onions, diced tomatoes & pickles, and comes with hash browns. According to reactions on social media it’s getting a pretty positive reviews.

One user even recommended getting it with added bacon!