If you’re active on social media, you might’ve run into “The Facts Guy.”

Adorian Deck has over 3-million followers and a wealth of knowledge. Some of those random facts might end up saving your life.

You can find more at his TikTok page and read some more at the link below.



GIF Creator Dies: These Are The Best GIFs of All Time

  • It's All Good

  • Crying

  • Party

  • Yes

  • Waiting

  • Hilarious

  • You Complete Me

  • Evil Laughter

  • Heavy Breathing

  • Riddle Me This

  • Minion Excitement

  • Good For You

  • Kim Ugly Crying

  • Thank You

  • Fez Loves You

  • Despair

  • Bye

  • Nice

  • Agreed

  • Spill The Tea

  • You Don't Say?

  • Celebrations

  • No!

  • Angry

  • You Can't Be Serious

  • Disassociating

  • Sad Tears