An adult performer on Fanvue – a competing platform going against OnlyFans – claims she is making tens of thousands of dollars by letting her fans watch her take COVID tests.

“Kitty” has thousands of subscribers and many of them just love watching her stick that cotton swab up her nose.

Kitty says she had built up a large following and has been asked to sell her used panties, send followers her spit, and then one day was asked to take a COVID test.

After posting the first one, the requests started coming in and now Kitty claims she is an expert at taking the test without flinching.  She claims she’s also been asked to swab highly inappropriate areas of her body. So far she claims to have made over $130,000 just making COVID test content.

She also feels that by creating this content not only is she giving he fans what they want, but she is also spreading awareness about testing for COVID.