CERES, CA - APRIL 16: Christine Gemperle's Border Collie, Squiggy, swims in a lateral canal from the Turlock irrigation system that runs next to Gemperle's almond orchard, Gemperle Orchards, on Friday, April 16, 2021, in Ceres, Calif. Gemperle, has two almond orchards in the Merced area, each in a different county and irrigation district. One will only provide 5% of the usual allotment this year, and the other will likely be cut back. (Photo by Yolanda M. James / The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

A small dog fell off a boat near Florida this month, and her owner didn’t realize until it was too late.  She’s a one-year-old corgi named Jessica.  But the good news is she’s okay . . . after swimming SEVEN MILES to get back to shore.

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