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A 31-year-old mom of four that now makes a living creating content on OnlyFans claims that judgmental parents got her kids kicked out of sports.

Sara Blake Cheek used to run a hair salon until the pandemic forced her to turn to another source of income, OnlyFans. She actually started her account after getting some viral attention on TikTok and had fans inquire about her having an account on the adult subscription platform.

She has a pretty big following on social media including Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Sara claims her new sexy venture has helped her rake in an average of around$30k a month putting up almost $360k in the past year.   In addition she also creates content in the form of sports predictions for Egotastic and writes for ProSports Extra.

Her success on all these platform has caused some jealousy with parents at her children’s school. She has been banned for from attending events at her children’s school and has had her kids banned from participating in some of the sports programs.

Despite some of the negatives that come along with it, Sara feels she has found her dream job and will continue down this path.  She enjoys being an OnlyFans model and the ability to connect with her fans to talk sports, sex, work, and relationships.