Andy Green

So it took me some time to get around watching this last episode of the show, and it’s given me some time to gather my thoughts. This episode starts off with Boba Fett and The Mandalorian becoming bros and ready to take on an onslaught of Pyke Syndicate butt-holes. It’s a tough fight and with the numbers the Pyke Syndicate is seriously whooping some ass. And just when it looks like they’re about to stop whooping some ass, they roll out two gigantic battle droids that have insane shields.

We once again join Pelli back at her shop and she gets an unannounced visit from and X-wing. Who could be piloting it? Is it Luke, coming to the aid of Boba Fett?! Nope, it’s Grogu and R2D2 flyin that bitch. So apparently he can do that. He is 50 years old, I guess. The battle on Tatooine rages on and it looks like Boba shouldn’t have quit his day job. The battle droids prove to be a real pain in the ass.

Pelli realizes grogu wants to hang out with the Mandalorian again so she makes her way to town where she finds all hell breaking loose. The Mandalorian saves her and Grogu and promptly let’s them know the s**t is real deep here. It seriously looks like all hope is lost. There’s nothing that can beat these droids and they’re powerful shields. I have been guilty of losing my faith in Boba Fett over the course of this series. He’s f**ked up alot. But those days hopefully are behind him cuz he RIDES in on a rancor and starts pummeling the droids.

Boba runs into Cad Bane and they decide to have another duel as the Rancor escapes to start causing mayhem back in town. Boba and Cad have some history and they decide to duel it out one last time. And in his usual pattented, unique…there’s a good word… in that unique Boba way he almost loses the fight… but then he rememebers his Tusken Raider training and serves and old fashioned ass whoopin to bane seemingly killing him, or almost killing him.

Meanwhile, the rancor is really pissed off and nobody can f**k with it… except little Grogu. He’s absolutely tired of the Rancor gettin in the way of him and the Mandalorian hanging out so he walks up to the beast and uses the force to make it sleep. Then he takes a nap. The day seems won. Everybody can finally relax for a bit… but there’s a bigger fight ahead it seems and Boba is ready to actually start doin his crime lord duties.

WHAT I THINK SO FAR STAR WARS RATING: I’m not as into this show as I am with The Mandalorian, but I will still watch it, cuz I absolutely refuse to believe Boba Fett is anything but badass.