Did you miss this week’s Midnight Metal? Hear something and wonder “who was that?” Here’s what you heard on this week’s edition of Midnight Metal:

Messhugah – The Abysmal Eye
Mayhem – Funeral Fog
Allegaeon – Vermin

Crowbar – Chemical Godz
Trivium – Rain
Crud – Reality
Children of Bodom – Danger Zone (Kenny Loggins Cover)
Dark Funeral – Nightfall
Once Human – Where the Bones Lie
Sepultura – Desperate Cry
Vio-Lence – Flesh From Bone

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Midnight Metal News - March 4th 2022

  • Jinjer Check in From Kiev

    While the world has kept a careful eye on the situation between Russia and the Ukraine this past week, two bands from the heavy metal community weighed in from both sides of the conflict this past week.
    A member of the band Jinjer, whose members all hail from Kiev in Ukraine, updated fans last Saturday to say he and his bandmates that still live in the country are, “relatively safe and okay, as much as it is possible during these dark days.”

  • Slaughter to Prevail Address Russia’s Actions

    Russian band Slaughter to Prevail posted to social media, saying, “the band has nothing to do with politics, we do not take sides. We are for all peaceful inhabitants of this world and for world peace. We do not accept ANY military action.”

  • Cannibal Corpse Merch Included…Severed Faces..?

    Cannibal Corpse rolled through town this past week, playing the Majestic on Monday and fans at the merch table were pleasantly surprised with the opportunity to purchase high quality severed face props from the band.

    Via Instagram, they shared: “These extremely detailed and handmade skin masks are made by the extremely talented @nikokalaart and are available at our merch booth. There are ONLY 10 of these available and they are a higher priced item.”

    While talking to the Metal Mayhem ROC web series, drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz was asked what it’s like to be described as the Motörhead of death metal. “The other one we always hear, and that’s a major compliment, is AC/DC. When you’re gonna listen to Cannibal Corpse, you’re gonna buy a new record, you know what you’re getting. We’re not being anybody else. We’re playing Cannibal Corpse music for ourselves and we’re staying true to ourselves.”

  • Ice-T Says Lamb of God is Working on New Album

    Ice-T isn’t where you expect to find news about the band Lamb of God, but on the Body Count Instagram, T shared that he was asked to provide backup vocals on a new track while the band is in the studio.

  • Once Human Discuss What it Takes to Get Noticed

    Lauren Hart of Once Human was asked in a recent interview for any advice she might have on musicians breaking into the world of metal.

    “The internet is great for discovering musicians. Big bands, to this day, look on the internet for someone to fill the spot of a musician,” Hart said. ”So, film yourself. If you want to be a guitar player, learn guitar. Get really good at your craft.”