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A 6 foot tall 280 lb. drunk dude had a meltdown at Orlando International Airport that lead to a tussle with police.

The guy named Ryan Austin Martin, according to police got into a fight with his wife and daughter at the airport before the police altercation.  Airport staff had to remove the wife and daughter from the man to protect them.

Martin appeared to be under the influence and was belligerent with airport staff and other passengers. On top of threatening to “kill” people he even tried to break down a door that his wife and daughter were behind after security moved them away from him for safety.

When the cops arrived he got into a tussle the officers.  They tasered him seven times and he still refused to go down. With aide of an off duty cop from another state they were able to finally get him to comply. Martin was arrested and charged with child abuse, battery involving domestic violence, resisting an officer, and disorderly intoxication.

The whole scene was captured in the video below.  NSFW language is present.