A 49-year-old Iranian man is recovering after needing skin graft surgery and being unable to urinate when he stuck a AA battery somewhere it doesn’t belong.

The man had stuck the AA battery down his urethra and had left it there for 24 hours. Doctors were able to remove the battery with any surgery and discharged him the same day he came in.  This is where the trouble begins.

After the battery removal the man began suffering from a burning sensation when going to the bathroom and was  not able to achieve a full stream of urine. That brought him back for another visit a few months after the battery removal.

Doctors did some scans and found he had ‘severe and progressive’ scarring to his urethra and it was partially blocking the tube that carries urine through the penis.  Doctors had to go into the mans body through his taint and perform a skin graft on the mans urethra.