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In a news story that would bring a tear to the eyes of Cookie Monster, a Florida man was arrested over the weekend for trashing a gas station while allegedly under the influence.

24-year-old Florida man Alan Ganesh had a rough Sunday after rolling into a local gas station and attempting to sit on the counters.  When the clerk asked him to get down, he then sat on the floor.  The clerk then asked him to get up so they could clean the floors…This is when things took a turn for the worse.

Ganesh allegedly started throwing cookies, spilling drinks, and trashing the inside of the gas station before leaving. He then laid down on the sidewalk and that’s where police found him.

Police say Ganesh was outside the gas station laying on the sidewalk near his motorcycle when they arrived. He had bloodshot eyes and alcohol could be smelt from his mouth.  Ganesh told the officer that he had a “tall boy” and took some medication for schizophrenia. He was arrested and gave us this Mugshot of the Day!