If you’re annoyed with all the lovey dovey heartfelt posts about Valentine’s Day and want to see some REAL LIFE then this is the post for you.  In reality not every attempt to woo your crush is a success much like this woman…She tried to flirt with her landlord and FAILED!

Penny McNatt had big dreams of flirting with her ‘cute’ landlord and getting cheaper rent. Unfortunately that plan did not go accordingly.  Penny shared her flirting fail experience on TikTok which pretty much went like this.

Penny messaged her “cute” landlord about her kitchen facet acting up in an attempt to start a conversation. So he asked her for a picture of it.  She sent him an picture with herself and the facet. The first fliting attempt must have gone over his head because the landlord then requested a close up so Penny took a selfie of herself in an attempt to charm him…

His response is NOT what she was hoping for!  See the results in her TikTok post below.