By: Andy Green

This week starts us off at some crazy space butchery ran by dog-like creatures. Is Boba Fett about to jet pack in and whoop some ass? Nope! Instead, we see a familiar face, The Mandalorian. He’s on a bounty for one of the dog men. After the dog man gives him some sass, the Mandalorian quickly dispatches everyone in the room and decapitates the fella he was lookin’ for.

We then see the Mandalorian retrieve his bounty and go back to the Mandalorian Armorer and fellow Mandalorian Paz Vizsla. The Mandalorian is like hey what’s up, I got my ass kicked pretty good. The Armorer is like, well what the shit happened to ya? The Mandalorian tells her he’s been f**kin’ around with the dark saber. The armorer tells him the legendary tale that if he’s too big of a pussy to wield that thing, sh**’s gonna get g**damn crazy. They get the Mandalorian back on his feet and are like what else has been goin on?

He’s like, I miss Grogu and I got this Beskar spear. She’s like that spear is stupid, lets make somethin’ for Grogu. She makes Grogu a present and then starts to train the Mandalorian on how to use the dark saber. The Mandalorian has trouble with it as it gets heavier the less he believes he’s not a pussy. Paz Vizsla tells the Mandalorian… I think he’s a pussy… can I fight him for the dark saber? Everyone agrees that would be pretty cool. He gives Paz Vizsla a beatdown and everyone starts to chill again.

The armorer straight up asks the Mandalorian if he’s ever taken his helmet off and he’s like….oh f**k…. yeah one time, but I had to. She’s like, you’re still f**ked. The only way to get your honor back is to go to a place that’s probably not there and f**k around in some old water. The Mandalorian is like…well, sh**. Okay then.

He heads to Tatooine to see Pelli Motto and her droids about his ship. She doesn’t have that one but she has one from one of the prequels. He reluctantly agrees and then takes off into space. He gets pulled over right away by some X-Wings that start askin’ him some questions. When things get heated the Mandalorian shoots off into space and the X-wing pilots decide he’s too fast and to just forget about that.

He lands back at Pelli Motto’s place and Fennic shows up and asks if he’s lookin for work? The Mandalorian is like that would be great, but I gotta go visit Grogu first.

What I Think So Far Star Wars Rating: This episode seems to be pushing the series in a direction I’m pretty stoked about.