Midnight Metal

Friday 12:00 a.m. Midnight

Mental health has been a major topic since the beginning of the pandemic. For one mental health therapist/yoga teacher in Massachusetts, she’s organized a group of moms who’ve been meeting for group scream therapy.

“Group scream therapy” is exactly what you think it is: People getting together and just letting out their frustrations and stress by screaming.

Sarah Harmon, the mental health therapist/yoga teacher who organized the group, told TODAY, “I was educating them about anger and how underneath anger there’s so many more emotions — there’s sadness, there’s anxiety, there’s fear, there’s resentment — and they had no place to put it. Moms were at home and not in community, and just struggling.”

A scream-sesh consists of five rounds of screaming: Regular screaming; profanity screaming; “free for all” screaming to scream about whatever you want; screaming in honor of those who couldn’t scream with the group;  and finally, a competitive scream to see who could scream the longest.

The whole point of these group meetings is to release any anger or stress the participants could be feeling in that moment, but we could help but think just how metal the whole concept was. Frankly, we feel like these moms could (and should) do some venting in a pit.



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