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Have you ever wondered if you have unclaimed money or other assets somewhere in hiding? As it turns out, a lot of Michigan residents have unclaimed money that they simply don’t know about. Thankfully, there’s a very easy way to check if you have any money or other assets hanging around that you have yet to claim.

More than $2 billion is currently in holding by Michigan’s Unclaimed Property division. That’s a lot of cash. The Michigan Department of Treasury manages the division, and they return millions of dollars in unclaimed assets to proper owners each year.

Properties valued at $50 or more are included on the website. It would be too hard on the system to include funds less than that. I actually checkout out the site and found that I have an asset in the amount of “under $100” waiting for me. It’s not like winning the lotto, but it’s something!

Searching for unclaimed funs is very easy to do. You can search for unclaimed funds, either belonging to an individual or business, via the Department of Treasury’s online database at unclaimedproperty.michigan.gov/app/claim-search. Simply head there, enter your last name, city and zip code to start filling out a claim. This is a “free and secure service,” according to the state, provided by the Michigan Department of Treasury Unclaimed Property.

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