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It’s either lucky or unlucky, depending on how much you like snow, but Michigan has somehow dodged the biggest Midwest snow event of the season, thus far. If you’ve been online or watching the news via any medium, chances are you’ve seen headlines such as, “Winter storm buries Midwest under foot of travel-snarling snow,” which comes from Accuweather.com. Usually, Michigan is in the heart of the Midwest for stories like this, but not this time.

According to Accuweather.com, this past weekend, inches to feet of snow were reported across the Midwest. “Some of the heaviest snow accumulations were recorded in Iowa, with Des Moines International Airport picking up 14.3 inches of snow from the storm,” they state.

Other hard-hit areas included parts of Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri and Illinois. Plus, south of us got hit, including areas that aren’t known for wintry weather. “The central Mississippi and Tennessee river valleys experienced its wintry blast of precipitation through Saturday night,” Accuweather.com reports. Ohio got a lot of snow, too, with local outlets, such as News 5 Cleveland, comparing it to the storm of 1978, which was before my time, but I hear it was a doozy.

What I want to know is, what happened to Michigan? I mean, my friends in Tennessee are getting more snow than us. I’m not complaining, though, as I can’t stand snow and ice. I’m crossing my fingers that this lasts all the way to spring, which is less than two months away, by the way!

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