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Jade sent this article to put up, and wow, you guys are surely passionate about this subject! I know it’s freezing out right now, so you may be tempted to warm up your car before taking off on the road. Here’s why, according to Popular Mechanic, that’s not a good idea. Read on for the skinny, but hey, to each their own!

Why It’s Not Wise to Warm Up Your Car in the Winter

According to Popular Mechanics, the fastest way to warm up your car is to drive your car right away. In fact, driving it right away will actually prolong the life of your engine verses having it sit warming up before driving. Let’s face it- engines can be costly repairs, so this should be enough incentive to break the “warming up my car” habit, according to the pub.

If your parents, or grandparents, are the ones who instilled in you that warming up your car before driving it was actually good for your engine, it’s probably because that’s how it was back in the day. But, today, modern internal combustion engines work differently, and it’s better to get going.

Also, driving your car will actually warm it up quicker than idling, according to the report. Of course, you’ll have to be in the car while it’s warming up, so it may seem like a longer wait, but it’s not! For more information, visit Popular Mechanics.

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