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Episode 3 (Wookie assassin, Depressed Rancor and Fishy Business)

Spoiler alert!

Well, this episode starts us back with Boba Fett back at his palace pissed off about these twin Hutts talkin’ s*** and this guy comes in bitchin’ to him about a bunch of hoodlums. So, Boba Fett is like okay, let’s go start some s***. He rolls down to the water place to see what’s up, and there’s the hoodlums. The chick leader of the street gang is like, dude…this guy is rippin us off for water, he’s the a**hole here.

Boba Fett is like, you’re pretty sassy, you wanna job? And he employs the hooligans. The water place guy is like, hey man you takin care of all this? And Boba Fett’s like, listen, b***hole… you’re overcharging them for water in a desert. Here’s some money, shut up. They get back home and Boba Fett is havin’ flashback dreams of his times with the Tusken Raiders.

After securing a business deal with the Pikes (fish people,) he goes back to the Tusken Raider camp and finds that they have all been slaughtered by a speeder bike gang. This pisses Boba Fett off pretty good. Then we see Boba Fett is having a healing water nap in a pod restin up until a wookie grabs him outta there and start fighting him.

The hoodlums help Boba Fett kick the assassin wookie’s ass and throw him into in the Rancor pit. The Twin hutts show up and say they’re sorry for sendin a murderous wookie over there here’s a rancor… and give him a Rancor since the other one died (See Return of The Jedi). They also tell him to keep the wookie assassin. Boba Fett is like, that’s actually pretty cool. Get outta here wookie. And the wookie is like, sounds good man… and runs off. Danny Trejo starts to tell Boba Fett that this rancor is depressed but he can ride it around if he trains it right. Boba Fett likes this idea.

Boba Fett has to get back to business and decides to take care of some weirdo mayor that’s competing for Boba’s crime stuff.. Some hotel front desk guy tells Boba the mayor isn’t in and takes off in a landspeeder. After literally the dumbest Star Wars chase scene, I’ve ever witnessed happens… the hotel clerk is like, the mayor is doin business with the pikes (fish people.) Then we see the fish people getting ready to do some kind of fishy business.

What I Think So Far Star Wars Rating: This one had me worried for a second cuz it really seems like Boba Fett is turning into kind of a bitch, but I don’t hate it yet or feel sad about the current state of Boba Fett.

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