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I’m pretty sure if an app told me that I had won $1 million, I would think it’s a scam. That’s what happened with a 73-year-old Calhoun County woman, who won a $1 million Powerball prize.

Alma Weimer out of Battle Creek matched the five white balls in the Dec. 11 drawing and scored $1 million. She purchased her winning ticket via MichiganLottery.com.

“I rarely play the Powerball game, but I saw a pop-up about the large Powerball jackpot when I logged in on the app and thought: ‘Why not?’ and purchased five tickets,” Weimer said.

She added, “When I logged on to the app the next morning, there was a pop-up telling me I won $1 million. I thought it was some sort of scam or that my account had been hacked.”

She plans to donate the money different charities and invest. Smart lady!

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