11 July 2021, Austria, Wien: Two dentures from the film "Toni Erdmann" lie on a table in actor Simonischek's apartment. The almost trained dental technician has all the dentures that play an important role in the highly acclaimed film "Toni Erdmann" at home. Plus, of course, his numerous awards, including the document certifying "Toni Erdmann" to have been nominated for an Oscar. The versatile actor celebrates his 75th birthday on 06.08.2021. (to dpa: "The longing for the "Ganselhaut" - Simonischek turns 75") Photo: Matthias Röder/dpa (Photo by Matthias Röder/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Someone’s grandma was eating a sucker and when she pulled it out of her mouth, there was more than candy! The candy got stuck to her false teeth and they come out attached, and then go right back in!