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Fans of the indie wrestling scene might be familiar with Devon Nicholson, who goes by the name “Hannibal” or “The Blood Hunter” in the ring.

Over the weekend, Nicholson went way off-script and did some serious damage to the referee after his match with “Carlito,” stabbing him approximately 12-20 times in the head with a spike.

Reports say the match was supposed to have a “blade spot,” but the “ref’s blade wasn’t working,” and Hannibal took things to an extreme that could land him in legal trouble. Lando Deltoro was the referee and is recovering.  He shared photos of the aftermath on his Facebook page.  You can see them here. https://www.facebook.com/ElCucuyFeo/posts/10158639417538339

Deltoro also reported that he ruptured an artery and lost a lot of blood.  He also has a few new staples in his scalp as well as a new haircut. They also have a GoFundMe setup to help assist him with medical expenses.