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A guy in the UK has just been found guilty of attempted murder after an altercation in his ex-girlfriends home.

33-year-old James Cunliffe was given a guilty verdict after barging into his ex-girlfriend’s house and attempting to use a kitchen knife to cut of her new lovers dong.  Both men had been dating the woman on and off for a while.

At some point the woman and Cunliffe had a falling out and she got a restraining order against him. He had for the most part been ignoring that order. Allegedly Cunliffe saw the couple together and was filled with jealous rage.  He barged into the woman’s home, tackled his love rival, grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed him. Cunliffe claims he was just there to pick up some of his clothes he had left at her place.

The victim suffered a punctured lung, cuts to his head, arm and groin. He also had injuries to his testicles from the attempt to cut off his genitalia.