As a general rule, if you’re not sure if the animal in front of you is real or not…then the best play is probably to not try and find out.

A 68 year old tourist visiting the Philippines named, Nehemias Chipada came across what he thought was a fake 13-foot crocodile.  So, like any good tourist, he decided to hop into the pool it was in and nab himself a selfie.

Unfortunately, Chipada learned the hard way that the croc was very real. The crocodile didn’t appreciate him hopping into the pool and latched onto his arm.  You can see some of the struggle at the video link below.


Chipada managed to break away and got out of the pool with blood visibly dripping from his left arm. The tourist was taken to a medical center to be treated for puncture wounds and fractures to his left arm and thigh.