A former stripper and founder of an adult content website has revealed the strangest horror-themed fetishes she’s seen in real life.

Chelsea Ferguson, founder of AdmireMe.VIP a platform for adult content creation, has lots of insight into some of the strangest and darkest fetishes due to her experience in XXX rated world of content creation.  She has encountered many of them while running her X-rated website and also creating content for her clients. She also says she tries to please all clients, but she doesn’t necessarily do/fulfill all requests.

She recently did an interview with a website in the UK that talks about some of the strangest ones she has encountered.

Fetishes from being sexually attracted to ghosts all the way to trees with zombies, blood, and insects in between. You can read about her experiences with the fetishes (including spectrophilia, hybristophilia, coulrophilia, dendrophilia, and more!)  at the link below.