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A guy in Oregon led cops on a high-speed chase on Tuesday, then broke into someone’s house, stole a Ricky Bobby costume from the movie “Talladega Nights” and put it on.

Clackamas County Sheriff

According to reports, Alexis Ibarra Gomez (the suspect), is accused of shooting at a motorist who was trying to get his license plate number to report him to police for driving erratically. Police eventually saw the man driving the wrong way down a street in the vehicle, that was reported by the previous motorist, a stolen black truck.

He refused to pull over and led cops on a high speed chase. Gomez eventually crashed the truck and broke into a home.  There he stole and put on a Ricky Bobby costume from “Talladega Nights” and attempted to flee on a bike…with two flat tires.

Gomez was arrested and charged with attempted first-degree assault, attempting to elude police, first-degree burglary and more.