Midnight Metal

Friday 12:00 a.m. Midnight

Slipknot isn’t the first band you’d think of when it comes to jaunty pop tunes, but one YouTuber gave the band’s “Wait and Bleed” the warm and fuzzy treatment, and it’s…something.

Embedded below, the (sort-of) kid-friendly version still includes its original lyrics, but all of its jarring metal has been stripped away. Basically, if The Wiggles covered “Wait and Bleed,” this is what it would sound like.

Loudwire notes this is the work of Andy Rehfeldt who had uploaded the cover years ago, but eventually, the cover was removed from his YouTube channel for an undisclosed reason. Because this is the internet, one intrepid YouTuber ripped a copy of the cover and uploaded it to their channel.

(WARNING: NSFW language ahead.)

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