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It’s possible you’ve been to the best city in the world, as the No. 1 spot is in the U.S.

TimeOut.com recently surveyed major cities throughout the world and put together a list of the best spots. For the study, they used the “Time Out Index,” which was a poll of 27,000 city residents everywhere from Chicago to Madrid.

The No. 1 city, according to the study, is San Francisco, California.

“San Francisco has never been known to follow the pack,” TimeOut.com states. “And when things got tough over the past year, SF sprang into action with one of the strictest Covid responses in the US. But that didn’t dampen community spirit in the Bay Area: businesses got creative to stay afloat, while innovative initiatives like the SF New Deal put restaurant employees to work making meals for those in need.”

They added, “Neighbours stepped up to take care of each other through far-reaching mutual aid networks, and one genius even had the idea of hanging sourdough starters from trees to fuel all the baking people took up.”

Find the full list here.

Time Out’s List of the World’s Best Cities:

1. San Francisco, California, USA
2. Amsterdam, Netherlands
3. Manchester, UK
4. Copenhagen, Denmark
5. New York, USA
6. Montreal, Canada
7. Prague, Czech Republic
8. Tel Aviv, Israel
9. Porto, Portugal
10. Tokyo, Japan

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