Ken Jeong attends the “See Us Unite for Change - The Asian American Foundation (TAAF) in service of the AAPI Community” Broadcast Special in Los Angeles, California.

Lately, late-night shows had two very funny guests talk about a very important topic: the Covid-19 vaccine.

Ken Jeong, the doctor-turned-actor went on the Late Late Show with James Corden yesterday (September 21) to break down what exactly the dangers are of the Delta variant and the importance of the vaccine.

Corden asked Jeong, 52, what he thinks we could have done better, a year and a half into the Coronavirus pandemic. “Real talk, I mean, I just think in the medical community, I think we just need to do a better job of sending out information. We did not anticipate this coming and I think that there’s so much misinformation out there and not just by extremists — there’s just so much confusion.”

“Prior to May and June, we didn’t know the Delta variant would be the prominent strain globally,” Jeong continued. “What makes the Delta variant so contagious is that the amount of virus in your nasal pharynx is 1000 times the concentration of the original Covid strain. That’s why it’s so infectious, that’s why we’re all wearing masks, that’s why. And we were not prepared for that because think of the vaccines as an umbrella and it’s just protecting you from the rain.”

“With this Delta variant, there’s a monsoon — there’s a hurricane coming down.”

Watch the clip below:

Seth MacFarlane appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday, speaking about how he openly criticizes the network that airs Family Guy. As Kimmel pointed out, his favorite thing about Fox News being critical of President Biden’s vaccination mandate (for employers making sure their employees are vaccinated) is that Fox has the same mandate.

MacFarlane, 47, did a Family Guy PSA on getting Covid vaccinations, with Stewie taking the lead in explaining the history vaccines, helping eliminate smallpox entirely, nearing the same with Polio. By stimulating our immune system through a Covid vaccination, making antibodies against the virus.

Watch the Family Guy PSA below:

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