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Bruce Dickinson is one of a handful of rock stars that had a breakthrough case of COVID-19 despite being vaccinated. With this in mind, he expressed in a new interview that vaccine hesitancy is still something that confuses him.

The Iron Maiden singer told Yahoo! Music that even though he feels people should have the choice of whether to get vaccinated, “[I] honestly find it incredible that some people are still resistant [to vaccines] … And I mean, the [anti-]mask thing I genuinely do not understand.”

As to why he feels some are so against the COVID vaccine, Dickinson said, “I think they believe [conspiracy theories] because of their psychological makeup. They have a need to believe in these things. It’s the same as people that are going to sit on top of a mountain every year and wait for the world to end. And the world doesn’t end, but do they modify their beliefs? Actually, no. It strengthens them: ‘Yep, we were right all along. It is definitely going to end, just not this year. The rest of the world is against us!’ And that’s the way that some people think.”

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Dickinson added, “It’s their mentality, and you’re probably not going to change that. But for the rest of us I would say, just get vaccinated. And if you do get sick, you won’t get that sick. It’ll just be like a mild case of the flu.”

Dickinson did colorfully say regarding his breakthrough case of COVID, “My belief is — and I stress, it’s a belief — that this proves that I would have been more sick if I’ve not taken the vaccine. … I mean, I had both jabs. Everybody I know has had both jabs. And I’m quite happy about it. You know, none of us have started growing extra heads, suddenly wanting sidle up to 5G phones, or expressed a willingness to go down on Bill Gates. So, all of these things, I think it’s largely a myth!”


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