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CHENGDU, CHINA - MARCH 11: A woman sits and relaxes while having her ears cleaned in Guanying pavilion of teahouse on March 11 ,2017 in Chengdu ,Sichuan Province,China. Ear-cleaning is a dying trade that originated with street barbers and has been passed down for generations in Chengdu. Practitioners use a variety of tools such as brushes with copper and wire handles and a tuning fork to massage acupuncture points inside the ear. Ear-cleaning has been traditionally viewed as a therapeutic form of Chinese medicine. (Photo by Wang He/Getty Images)

A woman is dealing with an infected earlobe and a viral Facebook post after a bizarre sex act was executed by her boyfriend.

A woman posted in a Facebook group looking for advice on what she could tell hospital workers about her ear lobe after her partner attempted to stick his dong through it.  Either that or a home remedy that might fix the situation.

Now this woman had an earlobe with a stretched piecing so she had an enlarged hole. Why her partner felt the need to penetrate her ear lobe is a mystery.  But according to the pictures that can be seen at the link below, her piercing definitely looks infected.