Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure” remains one of the most iconic collaborations of all time, and it might be because of booze, sweet booze!

The latest episode of Queen's ongoing series focusing on their 50-year history highlights the making of “Under Pressure.” In the video embedded below, drummer Roger Taylor says, “Well, I think the process was we were all drunk, and in the studio, and we were just for fun playing all sorts of old songs. I remember a couple of old Cream songs, and whatever came into our heads and I think David said, ‘Look, hang on a minute, why don’t we write one of our own?'”

And write a song of their own they did, thanks, in part, to John Deacon creating that now-iconic bass line.

If you’re wondering what Cream songs Queen and Bowie played during this studio session, Taylor said in an interview with Record Collector in March, “If we look to the archives, yeah, there’s probably stuff. We would do the odd thing like covering old Cream songs. I remember we did ‘NSU’ and ‘I Feel Free,’ just for a laugh really, and then we decided, ‘Let’s write one for ourselves.'”

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