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A gator attacks a handler at a habitat and another gator sneaks up on a Florida fisherman!

The first alligator attack story takes place at a reptile and bird center in Utah. During a demonstration the alligator started to approach the handler.

Fatal Alligator Attacks Set New Record In Florida

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

As the handler was trying to push the gator back it attacked and latched on to her hand.  The handler and the gator struggled as the reptile was trying to pull the handler into the water and execute a death roll.

Luckily two men visiting the reptile center entered the enclosure and helped free the handler.  Video of the incident can be viewed at the link below.  It is a bit graphic so be warned!



The second story takes place in Florida when an alligator slowly sneaks up on a group of fishermen. This surprise gator appearance apparently made a woman crap herself.