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We’ve talked about carnie ride malfunctions and how you should be cautious when enjoying rides at traveling carnivals but a couple stories are making news about something going wrong on theme park rides.

The first story is about a small metal part of a roller coaster that fell off the ride and hit a guest waiting in line.  This one took place at Cedar Point in Ohio.  The news story reports that a small metal object became dislodged from the top of the Top Thrill Dragster ride and struck a woman.  She was treated my park EMS and rushed to a local hospital. Further details are still unknown, the ride has been closed.


The second story is about a Lagoon theme park guest in Utah that is in critical condition after falling from the Lagoon Skyride. Video was taken showing a man hanging from the front of the chairlift as the ride was in motion.  As of now it does not appear that the ride malfunctioned and no one knows why the man was outside the chairlift.  It’s believed he fell about 60 feet and was rushed to a local hospital by helicopter. The incident is currently under investigation.  The local news report on this incident can be seen below.