Dave & Chuck: Junk Food Roundup

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Good news for hipsters looking for a beer or mimosa fix at their local IHOP, Brach’s is making a change to their turkey dinner flavored candy corn, plus Wendy’s opens up ghost kitchens! All the info in this Junk Food Round Up!

IHOP Is Adding Alcohol to Its Menu

Brunch With The Brits - Park City 2019

(Photo by Owen Hoffmann/Getty Images for British Film Commission)

Would you go to IHOP for brunch?  They’re adding beer, wine, and champagne to the menu at a dozen IHOP locations by the end of the year.  They hope to eventually offer them at most of their restaurants in the U.S.



Brach’s Is Tweaking Their Turkey Dinner-Flavored Candy Corn

Remember how Brach’s put out those TURKEY DINNER-flavored bags of candy corn last year, with candies that tasted like:  Roasted turkey . . . stuffing . . . green beans . . . cranberry sauce . . . ginger glazed carrots . . . and sweet potato pie?

Well apparently it didn’t gross out everyone, because they’re bringing it back . . .  with a few tweaks.  FOUR of the six flavors will be back:  Roasted turkey, stuffing, green beans, and cranberry sauce.  But ginger glazed carrots and sweet potato pie have been swapped out for:  Apple pie and coffee.

The bags are on their way to stores like Walgreens now . . . more than two months before Thanksgiving . . . so if you’re interested, keep an eye out for it.



Wendy’s Is Opening Delivery-Only Ghost Kitchens

Hundreds Of Wendy's Locations Have Run Out Of Hamburgers, Amid Meat Supply Chain Disruptions During Coronavirus Pandemic

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Wendy’s is going to be opening at least 700 DELIVERY-ONLY locations.  So they are hopping on the “ghost kitchen” trend, which is a little odd for a fast-food joint.

For now, the delivery-only spots will mostly pop up in urban areas, where there aren’t already a ton of dine-in Wendy’s locations.  They’ll be hiring kitchen staff, but third parties like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub will deliver the food.