(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

Lansing Community College has announced it will forgive student debt from fall 2017 through spring 2021. They will also recall eligible accounts from collection.

“The pandemic has been hard for everyone, and we want to pay forward this federal funding to benefit our students,” LCC President Steve Robinson wrote in a press release.

He added, “We hope students take advantage of this fresh start to re-enroll and complete their education, but even if they don’t, we hope the account forgiveness gives them some peace of mind during a difficult time.”

The college is utilizing federal money from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund III, put into motion by the 2021 American Rescue Plan.

LCC hopes the move encourages students who began programs at LCC to follow through. But, don’t get excited if you plan to take classes at LCC in the future. The college states that this is a one-time program. LCC’s fall registration is open, with both virtual and in-person options.

For information on the forgiveness program, go here.

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